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Ripple Droplets

Ripple Droplets


Scent your space with these plant-based, all-natural incense droplets. Made from a blend of handpicked botanicals and premium oils and resins, each droplet is formulated to purify your space with aromas that help enhance your mood by stimulating your senses. Perfect for setting the mood or quickly refreshing your space, each low-smoke droplet burns for 10 minutes—but the vibes last much much longer.


Choose From:

  • Happy - A blend of manuka, honeysuckle, and peony to boost vitality and energy.
  • Dream - Notes of firewood, agarwood, apricot to create embience, ease discomfort, and relieve anxiety.


Each pack contains 26 droplets.

  • How To Use

    • Place your droplet on an incense conde holder. 
    • Light the tip of your droplet with a match or lighter.
    • Gently blow out the flame after a few seconds.



We are DOLL PARTS, Manchester nail and beauty studio. Established in 2019 with creative nail art at our roots, we have expanded to house some of the city's most in-demand beauty pros and offer a range of nail and beauty treatments in our three-story, listed Northern Quarter Studio. Our technicians are industry leaders, informing trends and ignoring traditional beauty standards every day. Our unique approach to our art has quickly earned the reputation of the coolest, friendliest salon in the city - we can't wait to be your self-care HQ.




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