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Mil: co-founder and director

Hey :) I'm Mil. I've been in the industry for 6 years and, in that time, grown my tiny studio in Afflecks into the Doll Parts we know today! My proudest moment so far has been moving into our new studio space on Port Street. When we founded Doll Parts, we were clear about our intention to make an inclusive and friendly salon for our clients and staff, but the sense of community here has exceeded even our expectations - I can't get enough. Seeing the team do their thing every day, clients that become friends and the studio being a safe space to pop in for a brew makes me so proud.

When I'm not working in or on the shop I am a session manicurist working for big brands like Gucci and Elle Magazine, it's fun balancing my time between Doll Parts and the fashion world, but this place is definitely my home! 

Ellie: co-founder and director

Hey! I'm Ellie, I joined Millie in her Afflecks shop in 2019 after 6 years in the industry! My proudest moments at Doll Parts have been the ones we've shared as a team. Mil and I set up the studio 3 years ago with just two of us - I'm so proud of the community we have built and how far we have come together. Doll Parts has become as safe space for our diverse client base to show up authentically, as well as a real support network for everybody that works here, myself included! Championing diverse beauty through the unique skill of our team is a real gift and I feel so lucky to share space with the talented women who work here. When I'm not running things I fit tooth gems - I love popping up in cool locations and giving my customers an icy confidence boost! 



I'm Ruby! I started out on reception at Doll Parts where I found my love of nail art by accident! My personal style is pretty gothic, if you're into skulls, chrome or cobwebs I'm your tech (although, I nail a clean set too for the Ancoats girlies). I see a super diverse range of clients in the studio - everyone has their own style and I love that about our customers: they're all so freakin' cool! My favourite part of the job is the opportunity to create alongside the team, it's been so much fun seeing our work on billboards and ads around the city centre. When I'm outside the studio I spend most of my time here in NQ too, although nights out with me often end across town in one of the metal bars! 


Hi, I'm Meg! I started my beauty career with Doll Parts a couple of years ago! I love spending time with the work girlies and sharing my space with women who make me laugh every day. My reputation for maximalism and passion for fashion have earned me a rep for colourful textile inspired designs, animal print and opulent texture - sticking to Gel and BIAB to create bold short and mid-length designs. Having a roster of die-hard regulars has been such a boost to my confidence, nails often feel secondary to our regular catch ups and lasting friendships! 

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Hi! I'm Emma. I've been part of the Doll Parts team for a year and a half! In that time, I've developed a love for strong, dark gothic sets and OTT kawaii designs. This contrast is carried through my own aesthetic - I like to show my love of metal and goth culture through my personal style and carry a rep as the salon cutie and practical joker...It's been amazing to grow with the team and see our work featured on billboards around the city with Missguided as well as my own sets in Vogue Singapore! I'm so excited to see where we go next, meet more new clients and follow my wonderful regulars on their own journeys. 


Hello! I'm Elena, I've been in the beauty industry for 3 years. You'll recognise my unique style and love of super XL colourful sets from the Doll Parts insta! I'm passionate about what I do and bring my perfectionism and creativity to every set! Outside the studio, I'm always the first to try new activities and places to eat in Manchester. Balancing my working life with fun activities is important to me - I love recommending things to do to my clients in exchange for keeping up with their crazy antics between appointments! 



Hello! I'm Lea. I've been in the beauty industry for 10 years - that's the longest of the Doll Parts team! My colleagues are my favourite thing about the job, they're some of my closest friends too and I love the community we're building here together! I've achieved a lot in the makeup world including working and training alongside Pat McGrath's lead artist team. I'm enjoying this new phase in my beauty journey, building relationships with my clients, focusing on results and giving Doll Parts customers a friendly relaxed service between horror movie and reptile mum chat! 

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