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Nail Buffers

Nail Buffers

For the perfect at-home manicure routine, prep your nails using these salon-quality nail buffers, designed in house by the DOLLPARTS team. With two different grits, these buffers have everything you need to remove your current polish and to prepare your nails for your next manicure.
Pro Tip: “Buffing your nails is an essential step before applying gel polish. It seems like such a small thing, but really will help your manicure to last for weeks longer!” - Meg
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  • How To Use

    • Use the 100 grit side to file down gels, builder gel, and acrylic before removal.
    • Use the 180 grit side to roughen the surface of the nail before gel application (this helps to prevent lifting and peeling).
    • Always buff nails in the same direction



We are DOLL PARTS, Manchester nail and beauty studio. Established in 2019 with creative nail art at our roots, we have expanded to house some of the city's most in-demand beauty pros and offer a range of nail and beauty treatments in our three-story, listed Northern Quarter Studio. Our technicians are industry leaders, informing trends and ignoring traditional beauty standards every day. Our unique approach to our art has quickly earned the reputation of the coolest, friendliest salon in the city - we can't wait to be your self-care HQ.




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