Before DOLL PARTS became the huge beauty studio you see before you on the top floor of Afflecks Palace, we occupied a much smaller unit serving one dish - GEL NAILS.  As the OG treatment here at DOLL PARTS, we pride ourselves in housing some of the best independent nail artists here in Manchester. Choose from a single colour or our endless nail art options.



If you want to add length to your nails, gel or acrylic extensions are the way forward. Applied safely by our experts at Doll Parts - both extension methods are a safe way to extend your nail length whilst keeping them in great condition underneath!

Remember: once you have booked one type of extension you will need to book your infill for the same extension type. For example, if you have acrylic nails, you will need to book for acrylic infills - the same goes with your removal! 


The DOLL PARTS gang are known all over Manchester for their creativity and eye for detail. It’s important to book for the correct Nail Art level to ensure our techs have the time needed to create your chosen look. When making an appointment for nail art you will be asked to select from the following options:


Taster menu. Minimal nail art covers quick-to-apply artwork such as single colour French tips, dots, wiggles and glitters/pigments.


Step it up with a little more hand-painting. Simple art covers a range of abstract designs as well as feature nails and some pattern work.


When booking in for detailed nail art think hand-painted and encapsulated florals, flames, stars and busy pattern work such as tartan! Pick n’ mix designs also come under ‘detailed’.


Custom design work such as character nails and themed designs are classed as ‘Intricate’. If you’re looking for something bespoke or coming to your appointment with an out-there idea select this option when booking. Some complex ‘Pick n’ Mix’ are intricate too!

If you’re unsure which Nail Art option to select - the quickest way to reach us is @dollpartsmcr

on Insta. Drop a description (pictures always help) in our DMs and we will advise you what to

book in for! Alternatively, you can email us at