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Vegan Lash Lift

Our lash techs use a 100% Vegan + Cruelty Free Lash Lifting system. Lash Lifting is a three step process which curls your lashes from base to tip. Think of it like a tiny perm for your lashes!

Our vegan lash lifts are inclusive of lash tinting. Adding tint to your lash lift treatment maximises the effect of your lash lift and ensures every mm of hair is visible!

The results typically last four-six weeks, depending how quickly your lashes grow but can be visible for longer depending on your lash cycle.


You should avoid mascara for 48 hours after your treatment.

No makeup or water should come into contact with your lashes for 24 hours after your lift as this

can cause your new lift to drop.


HD Brows is a bespoke brow treatment tailored to your face shape and designed to achieve your desired brow look.The treatment includes consultation, mapping, tinting, waxing and threading!*

*Finishing with makeup is also included with your HD Brow treatment but isn’t compulsory. Let your stylist know what works for you - we’re always happy to offer advice on how to finish your brows as part of your makeup routine at home.

Visit the HD BROWS website for more information on how HD Brows can help you achieve your brow goals:

Before your treatment:

A patch test is required 48hrs+ before you attend your brow appointment.

Avoid using fake tanning products on your face for 2-3 days prior to your treatment as this can affect the outcome of your tint results.

Avoid exfoliating and the use of anti-aging treatments/creams for 3 days prior to the treatment - these can increase your sensitivity during the hair removal part of your appointment.


Make sure you follow your stylist’s advice and avoid plucking between treatments.

Avoid the use of facial cleansers around the brow area for 24hrs.

Avoid contact with direct sunlight, the use of sunbeds, saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools for 24hrs after the procedure - these can affect the staying power of your tint post-treatment.

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