Tooth Gems


Tooth Gems are THE 90’s throwback treatment. It’s important you know all the info prior to attending your tooth gem application. A lot has changed since the days of a press-on gem and a bit of super glue, so here’s the deal...

Why choose Bucktooth Gems?

Your tooth gem will be applied by salon owner Ellie who has 7 years experience in the beauty industry. She has undergone extensive training with London’s OG Tooth Gem tech.

We use SWAROVSKI TOOTH CRYSTALS which are safe for use in the mouth and lead free.

We use 22k+ Gold, White Gold and 1CT Diamonds.

There is SO MUCH to choose from. Drop us a message to discuss Gold options or choose from our selection of crystals during your in-depth consultation (within your appointment time) to ensure we pick the correct crystal or design for your look and bite-type!

How do you apply tooth gems?

We start by cleaning and prepping the tooth and enamel, then using adhesive specially formulated for use on teeth we apply the crystal or jewellery of your choice. The process is similar to having a brace fitted, but shorter, smaller and much more comfortable.

How long does it last?

With the right care, your gem can last as long as you want it to! We recommend from a couple of months to a year and beyond. We guarantee your gem up to two weeks and will re-apply free of cost within this time frame.

How do I safely remove my tooth gem when I want a change?

Changing your tooth gem should be as simple as switching piercings. We recommend you go to the dentist or hygienist for a routine scale and polish. Do not attempt to remove your tooth gem at home.

If you have any more questions do not hesitate to get in touch via our online consultation form, we will get back to you ASAP!